Unitrends Bare Metal Recovery- because Physical Servers still do exist

Unitrends Bare Metal Recovery- because Physical Servers still do exist
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Unitrends Baremetal Recovery is a bundled and integrated no charge feature of the:

  • Unitrends All-In-One physical appliances
  • and the Unitrends UEB (The Software Version that you deploy on your own hardware)


We all acknowledge that in todays ‘Virtual / HyperVisor’ world that physical servers are a touch ‘clumsy’ to be dealing with.

Bare Metal is also a ‘touch’ clumsy to manage, but thankfully Unitrends simplifies the entire process.

Unitrends Physical Baremetal Recovery to another Physical Box

In this case, we need to create a Unitrends bare metal recovery ISO in CD format (or USB drive) for our physical server.

This is a Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 emergency recovery environment that gets our ‘new’ Physical Server up and running and talking to the Unitrends backup Servers.

Our weekly or monthly Baremetal backups that reside on the Unitrends Backup server, are ‘pulled’ down and re-imaged onto our new Physical server.

Dis-similar hardware is easily managed via driver injection if required.


Unitrends Physical Baremetal Recovery to a VMware or Hyper-V Virtual Server

For us – Bare Metal recovering your Physical Servers into a Virtual environment is the preferred and most cost effective method for DR.

You still create the Recovery ISO, but rather than having to manage ‘physical CD-ROMs’ or USB keys, its simpler to store those  ISO’s  on either

  • a small NAS
  • on the Unitrends Backup Server itself
  • or on an ISO ‘store’ on the Hyper-Visor server we are likely to use for

As your Hyper Visor system (VMware or Hyper-V) can browse and access these ISO’s, you can boot ‘bare bones’ Virtual machines from the recovery ISO and start the bare metal restore process.

Unitrends Bare Metal Recovery – complex physical server recovery made easy.