Unitrends RC-712–Backup made Simple

Unitrends RC-712–Backup made Simple
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Unitrends has helped us have another great day!.

Another Backup-Exec customer has switched across to Unitrends.

What have they given up and what are they getting??

How about this:

  • With an expanding number of Servers; Backup Execs per Agent charge along with tight budgets meant many servers remained inadequately protected and data at risk
  • Complexity
    • While they trialled Unitrends, the one comment that came back every few days was Unitrends simplicity
      • Simplicity should not be confused with lack of sophistication
      • Under the covers Unitrends is an incredibly powerful backup tool, but through great design, and GUI ergonomics, Unitrends have honed a finally polished tool that ‘just’ makes backup an easy if not trivial task
  • Unitrends built in (NO CHARGE) backup of ESX and Hyper-V Hosts
    • That’s one fixed price from Unitrends to backup Physical Windows and Unix/Linux, plus both major flavours of Virtual (ESX and Hyper-V)
  • and Unitrends great DR capabilities including built in across the WAN Replication
  • Plus – simple restore.


See – its been years since we’ve worked with Backup Exec (how about 6 or so years) – and Yes, Backup Exec is meant to be over-bloated, over cooked and (well) over the hill.

That’s what we liked about it – It was complex and it kept us consultant types in business – plenty of upgrades, plenty went wrong, plenty of backups that never worked.

And Backup Exec was the “simpler younger sibling” – the real dinosaurs were Symantec’s NetBackup and Legato’s Networker – real heavy weight Backup products designed for the largest businesses in the UK.


Yet todays Small Business is now managing 30-40 Servers, 4 to 5 ESX Hosts and 2-5TB of Data, and doing so with a total IT staff of 3 people managing EVERYTHING.

There’s no ‘Storage’ specialists and certainly there’s no Backup specialist.

Yet most of these small shops are trying to manage a level of complexity in backup exec that even we as consultants are often loath to touch.

In steps Unitrends

  • Unitrends is simply the product that we would have designed (if our programming wasn’t that rusty)
  • Unitrends simply hides the complexity of backup and restore.
  • It just does what we all know a backup product should do if we designed it – i.e I have a windows Server, I have a backup server – Point and Click.
  • Its like a highly sophisticated ‘Point – and Click’ backup product.
  • Unitrends is not the Hasselblad of Backup – That’s the big boy stuff that a mainframe based global company like Barclays Bank uses.
  • Unitrends isn’t the Nikon SLR of backup either.
  • That’s the FTSE100 type backup that someone like Argos uses to manage their ‘mega’ datacentre
  • Unitrends is the Nikon/Canon point and shoot – with a great zoom lense, 16 Mega Pixels, Auto White Balance, Anti Handshake – absolutely everything to help make you the perfect photographer.


See – brilliant backup is hard (we’ll leave that to Barclays) – but great every day backup for the everyday IT manager is exactly what Unitrends delivers.


Yep – It just works.

And within the Unitrends family, the 1U 4 Terabyte Unitrends RC-712 seems to be walking off the shelf.

It offers the best price/TB point within the Unitrends family, but if you need a 10TB, 20TB or even a 50TB backup, Unitrends has it – and with 20:1 global DeDupe, your RC 712 will be storing 40TB plus of backup capacity.

Unitrends – Its a great way to end your Backup headaches.

Find out more – and take 20 minutes of your day to arrange a brief Unitrends demonstration.