Unitrends Price and Pricing

Unitrends Price and Pricing
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What is a Backup Solution – It’s the combination of ‘Technology’ blended with a perfect ‘Price Point’ – and here Unitrends is ahead of the game.
To this end, Unitrends have released new pricing models for 2013.
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Unitrends Recovery AppliancesFirstly: The Unitrends Physical Appliance Model:

  • This is purely based on the Physical Terabyte capacity residing in the Appliance you select.
  • Agent deployment is then unlimited –
    • Backup as many servers, ESX or Hyper V hosts as you like
    • until you fill up the backup appliance.
  • Of course the Data in your appliance is compressed and DeDuped
    • As such 4TB of Physical Disk might hold 6-8TB of backup

Second: The Unitrends Software Appliance has two pricing models

The First Model

  • Per Terabyte Capacity based on the Uncompressed Source Data of the Physical Servers and VMware/Hyper V hosts you choose to backup
    • As you deploy the Software appliance on your hardware, you can add as much Physical Disk (internal, JBOD, SAN, NFS, Raw Disk Mapped, or Virtualised VMDK/VHD’s)
    • The Capacity License then allows you to keep AS MUCH retained data as you like.
      • If you are backing up 6TB of Source Data, and over 3 months that results in 20TB of backups and backup retention – that’s fine – keep going!!

The Second Model

  • Per Server (for Physical) and Per Socket (for Hyper Visors) being backed up
    • This is a the traditional way dozens of other backup companies price their backup.
    • You end up paying not only ‘per Server’, but also additionally for ‘Database’ agent functionality.


Which Unitrends Price model is best:

  • With dozens of Servers, and a few Terabyte to backup , in a mixed Virtual / Physical Environment, the Capacity model normally proves the most cost effective
  • When backing up a pure Virtual environment, the socket license, has so far, proved most cost effective for the typical SMB customer (ie usually a VMware Essentials Plus, 6 socket license, with 3-6TB of data)
    • If you environment is not 100% virtualised, we would suggest a tailored quote to compare the various models

Its this sort of flexibility that allows us to define Unitrends not only as a ‘technology’, but a ‘solution’ – a much abused word – but one in our dictionary meaning the perfect blend of technology AND price to solve a problem.