A Deeper Dive on BakBone Fast Recover

BakBone FastRecover: Real-Time Data Protection

While backup is the cornerstone of all data protection strategies, associated backup windows remain one of the toughest challenges faced by IT Professionals today. At last — there’s a cost-effective way to eliminate backup windows for Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file system data.

NetVault®: FASTRecover™

NetVault: FASTRecover combines disk-based, real-time backup and extremely fast recovery for Windows environments including Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file system data while offering simple plug-and-play deployment with an optional preconfigured appliance.

Eliminates Backup Windows

  • Eliminates the need for recurring traditional full and incremental backups
  • Provides fast, disk-based backups for Windows environments including Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file system data
  • Reduces network contention

Lightning Fast Recovery of Data

  • Critical applications and data are available in as little as 30 seconds
  • Recovered data is completely useable on first recovery
  • Gets data back to almost any point-in-time
  • Failover to an alternate physical server or virtual machine

NVRDP Slider

Turn back the clock to any-point-in-time by moving the NetVault: FASTRecover Timeline Indicator. Zoom the Timeline to view Exchange, SQL Server and Windows File System data for a particular day, hour, minute or second.

Simple Plug-and-Play Deployment

  • Software-only editions enable integration with your existing systems and storage
  • Optional pre-configured appliances include hardware, software and storage for simple plug-and-play deployment
  • Reduces level of expertise required for installation and administration

Minimizes Costs by Integrating with your Existing Backup Application

  • Integration with traditional backup applications including NetVault: Backup
  • Ensures that the recovery data stored in NetVault: FASTRecover’s Online Storage is protected and stored offsite

System Requirements

Protected Data Platforms: Windows 2008*, 2003, 2000
Protected Data Versions: Exchange 2007 & 2003, SQL Server 2008, 2005 & 2000

*NOTE. Windows 2008 supported only when running Exchange 2007.