Backup DeDuplication Ratio’s

Backup DeDuplication Ratio’s
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Backup DeDuplication Ratio’s

One of the largest DeDupes that can be achieved comes from DeDuping the c: drive (or windows syste


m image).

Most SMB organisations we deal with have 40-100 windows servers – mainly created by ‘VM’ sprawl – where 90% of these servers are VMware or Hyper-V Virtual Windows Servers.

At 50 Servers, we end up with 1 – 2TB of C: drive images.

Total backup might be 6-9TB.

10-20% of total backup then goes into backing up exactly the same c: drive Windows OS each and every time – which is a great waste of resource.

BackUp DeDuplication is now affordable for most small business.

Products like Unitrends perform Global DeDuplication – which is critical to achieve meaningful DeDupe.

  • Ie any ‘block’ from any server can be compared and DeDuped
  • Thus for 50 copies of Windows 2008 R2, we will end up keeping just a single copy

That’s a huge saving.