Importing Contacts to iCloud

Importing Contacts to iCloud
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iCloud provides a VCF Import function – though you might find a vCard will not import.

iCloud only supports vCard Version 3 format

Most vCards that are exported from outlook or other systems are vCard 2.1 format.

Here’s the solution

Import your vCards into google contacts
To make this task simpler, there is a way to merge multiple vCards into a single vCard:

You will need to go to the Windows command line / change to the directory you vCards are located, then issue the following command
copy *.vcf to all.vcf.
This will combine all your VCF’s, into a single VCF file called all.vcf.

Now import all.vcf into google contacts

They will ‘unpack’ to become the individuals contacts in google contacts.

NOW – export them again, into a single VCF file.

The magic is Google will export in vCard 3.0 file format – The format that iCloud needs.

Now, via the setting icon on the iCloud webpage, import this single VCF file (which will be successfully read) and it will break the VCF into individual contacts that will appear in iCloud and subsequently sync to your iPhone / iPad