Unitrends Backup and Restore– Can technology really appear magical to a CEO

Unitrends Backup and Restore– Can technology really appear magical to a CEO
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We work in ‘Backup’ – and for us, its one of the most exciting areas of the IT infrastructure space.magic hat

Backup touches every part of a customers infrastructure and requires dozens of pieces of the puzzle to work ‘right’ to make backup happen.

That includes the Application being protected, its server, the underlying OS and speciality systems such as VSS, then the network, the backup servers and the storage target for the data – be that disk or tape.

Throw in across the WAN DR, and the ‘difficulty’ score has just gone up by a factor of 5.

The more complex it is – the more we like it.

But what about IT and business people who don’t get a kick out of backup (and that’s 99.99% of people, meaning only 0.01% of us like Backup ) – They just want it to work, and know their business is restorable.


For those people (and thats 99.99% of you) – there’s Unitrends; the simplest and most optimal blend of technical function in an all-in-one appliance package.

And from this simplicity where backup ‘just works’, a few more people are discovering that Backup can be magical!!


Here’s a posting from one Unitrends users in the USA – Marc92 – http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/107096-best-backup-software-unitrends-backup-professional?page=9

Unitrends Users – and what the CEO thought

Marc has shown his CEO the process of Unitrends Instant restore

Unitrends isn’t simply ‘restoring’ data, but allowing a full (failed) server to be up and running in a few minutes

Marc speaks:

I demonstrated that (Unitrends Instant Restore) for our CEO, he was well and truly impressed. I knew he would be, he still finds it hard to believe that one single Dell server is really 4 servers and 2 of them are a different operating system. He also calls his phone a “contraption”…

However, during this demo, our President who is much more tech savvy was even more impressed. I was doing the demonstration on a server that will soon house our new primary business application and the fact that I had it back running in under 5 minutes was pretty impressive.

I love doing those kinds of tricks for the bosses. Next week I’m going to bring in a little black metal box with a blinking light and show them “the internet”.


I can only encourage you to get as excited as Marc about Backup.

Maybe you cant get excited when you’re using Backup Exec or some other antiquated over complex and under ‘rewarding’ technology.

But take some time to learn about Unitrends and read the various Unitrends forums where people have regained their passion for backup.

Maybe (just maybe) – If enough people in the UK discover Unitrends, we might just increase the number of people who enjoy backup from 0.01% up to 0.02% – which would be a 100% improvement!!.