Unitrends – New Features and Function in Version 7.1– Time for Version 6 Customers to Upgrade

Unitrends – New Features and Function in Version 7.1– Time for Version 6 Customers to Upgrade
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In early January 2013, Unitrends bought ‘true’ WAN Replication to their core offering.

Previously: Unitrends using a WAN ‘Vaulting’ process for sending backups, across the WAN, to a second Unitrends appliance.

With Vaulting, the remote data was in a ‘locked’ down Archive format, which required

  • ‘De-Archiving’ the Data into a Backup format
  • and then Restoring from Backup

This was great for those customers with Recovery time Objectives of 24 hours plus.

Vaulting also sent ‘incremental / delta’ back chunks across the WAN – It wasn’t too bad on WAN bandwidth, but neither was it great.


Now: Replication uses Unitrends Native Block Level DeDupe capability to compare DeDupe ‘Hash Sums’ across the WAN.

Thus preventing any unnecessary data from clogging your precious WAN Bandwidth

Not only that: The Remote Data is stored in a Backup Ready format – In fact the exact same format your primary site data is stored in.

This means recovery can start immediately.

Better still – If its VMware VM’s you are replicating, you remote site can Instantly Restart and Rebuild those VM’s, meaning remote site Disaster Recovery in a matter of minutes.


Unitrends 7.1

What’s with Unitrends 7.1 then.

Well – the January 2013 release of Unitrends 7.0 bought Cross WAN DeDuped replication to the table.

It worked as expected – yet managing and monitoring individual VM’s for backup/replication and DR purposes was a touch painful

7.1 brings us

  • Individual Virtual Machine Views
  • The ability to easily see how individual VM’s are replicating
  • and a Simple ability to remote DR individual VM’s
  • The WAN Replication process has also been improved
  • With better WAN Bandwidth utilisation


A bunch of other improvements have been made in the areas of

  • LAN free (that is: Direct to SAN) backup via iSCSI and FC
  • 4TB Drives now supported for removable media Archiving
  • Our favourite feature: Individual Virtual Machine view in the main navigation console


Unitrends has become an even strong contender in the SMB Mixed Physical/Virtual backup environment

Its ideally positioned for backups in the 2-20TB region (or larger), especially for those environments where you are at your wits end with backup exec.

To find out more – get in touch for a demo or a deeper discussion about your backup needs and whether Unitrends V 7.1 is the technology enabler for you.